What we do


As a member of an RSL Sub Branch in Queensland, you belong to an organisation which:

  • Provides for Pensions and Welfare Advocacy advice to veterans and their dependants and assists them in obtaining their eligible benefits at no cost to the veteran;
  • Is represented on all relevant Department of Veterans’ Affairs consultative Forums;
  • Is involved in youth, community and welfare initiatives;
  • Is an extremely strong voice when representing the Ex-Service and Serving members at Local, State and National Government levels;
  • Is actively involved in the consultative process when Governments debate “changes to Legislation” which impact on Pensions and Welfare matters.


Most RSL Sub Branches offer advice and preparation of claims under the VEA,SRCA and MRCA by volunteer Pensions Officers as well as free Advocacy service for appeals to the Veterans’ Review Board and to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) by Tip trained advocates.

The Service is available to all veterans, former and current members of the Australian Defence Force and their dependants.  You do not have to be an RSL member to access the service.

The service provided includes:-

  • Advice and assistance with applications for review under the VEA and application for reconsideration under SRCA and MRCA.
  • Preparation and submit applications for reconsideration under the SRCA and MRCA.
  • Preparation and present cases for review to the Veterans’ Review Board.
  • Preparation of cases for review to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and access to Legal Aid.

The Training and Information Programme (TIP) is a joint venture of ex-service organisations and Veterans’ Affairs providing training for members of the ex-service community as Pensions Officers, Welfare Officers and Advocates.

Welfare Officers

Sub Branch Welfare Officers are trained volunteers who provide practical support to veterans and their families.

The service provided includes:-

  • An effective referral service.
  • Home and Hospital Visitations.
  • Assist with Crisis Care.
  • Assist veterans and families to apply for grants, or entitlements where applicable.

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