Australia Day Award – 2022 (Noel Mallyon)


The Australia Day Medallion Program provides an inspiring way to recognise the contribution of individuals and teams for outstanding performance on special projects or in the performance of their core duties within Australian organisations. The Australia Day medallions are reserved for the highest level of recognition and provide a unique way of inspiring and recognising staff and volunteers when presented in the lead up to Australia Day, on the 26th January each year.RSL Queensland participates in this program each year and two silver medallions are allocated to each District for awarding to two special individuals in the District.  

The criteria for awarding these medallions are left to each organisation to determine. However, the PFH District Executive in awarding the two medallions for 2022 has considered the common themes of outstanding achievement, length of service and contributions to the RSL.Ladies and gentlemen, I am honoured to announce that one of the two RSL Pioneer-Fitzroy-Highlands District Australia Day Silver Medallion for 2022 has been awarded to  your President, Noel Mallyon.

Before I undertake the presentation to Noel, I would like to reflect on the service he has given to the RSL in general and here in Emerald.Noel joined the Emerald RSL Sub Branch in December 1979 and he must have made an immediate impression as he was elected Vice President in 1980 and served in that position until 1993.

In 1994, he was elected as the President and still serves in the position today.During these 42 years in the Emerald RSL, Noel, has assisted his wife Margaret with the multiple fundraising activities that fund the welfare services provided to the membership, overseen the commemorative and patriotic services each year, and been the face of the RSL.  

As the RSL President, he has also worked tirelessly in the community and linked with other service organisations such as Little Athletics and Lions to provide services to the Emerald community.Noel has shown extraordinary leadership as the President of the Emerald RSL and I thank him for the contribution he has also made to the PFH District.

In 2018, RSL National saw fit to award Noel Life Membership of the RSL in recognition of his long and dedicated service to the RSL.It is now my honour to present an Australia Day Silver Medallion and the Certificate to Noel.

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